Weekly Picks Part 1: 5 HR Tech Products You Should Try In 2020

Weekly Picks Part 1: 5 HR Tech Products You Should Try In 2020

Weekly Picks Part 1: 5 HR Tech Products You Should Try In 2020

This is the first in a series of posts where we share some of our favorite work tools with you. We are product people, we love building products and so we often obsessively keep track of the latest tools being released, endlessly seeking to improve our daily work. We hope that the products we'll share with you can be helpful in making you more productive and making work more enjoyable, especially as we are all currently forced to spend even more time in front of our computers. The first in the series, something close to our hearts – HR Tech!

From workflow automation to 1 click payroll and improved collaboration for remote teams, we think this decade is going to be big for HR Tech.

The number of tools and solutions that companies put in place is rapidly increasing. That's because technology is able to take care of increasingly more aspects of running a business, a function or a team, and give time back to focus on more creative tasks.

We've listed products that are solving tangible problems and are covering different aspects of the HR tech stack (call them complementary). We believe like any growing startup would benefit from these tools.

Our criteria also includes the quality of design and ease of use, which for us is an overarching element that any great software should have to make our life at work enjoyable.

Pento – 1 click payroll

First Automated Payroll for SMEs | Pento
Payroll software for modern UK businesses. ✅Forget spreadsheets and pay your employees in 3 easy steps. Payments run automatically, taxes are calculated instantly, and it’s fully connected to HMRC.

If you're running a company, you're paying your employees. If you have been involved with this process before you might be well familiar with the fact that managing payroll is a massive pain. The folks at Pento are automating this process for you, making the experience quick and delightful. Configure and go, you will be able to fully manage the payroll process without any help.

Slite – Workplace knowledge in one place

One Combined Workspace. All Your Team Documentation. | Slite
Slite is a simple tool that helps your whole company get organized and aligned.

Slite is a company wide workspace where you can create documents to consolidate all of your company's knowledge into a central, organised and accessible place. Slite will help you in a wide range of use cases, such as creating company handbooks, documenting processes or projects, facilitating employee onboarding and training, collecting meeting notes and much more. We haven't tried Slite in depth yet and would be curious to know how it compares with the increasingly popular Notion. Tried both? Let us know which one you prefer.

Howamigoing – Performance reviews done right

Howamigoing | The future of employee performance management
Howamigoing tackles the problem of pointless “tick the box” performance reviews.

A healthy workplace starts by learning from those making your business possible – your employees! Companies of different shapes and sizes all have various approaches to performance management and reviews, and these processes can look daunting and be time consuming. Howamigoing makes the process more human by placing the personal development at the core. With streamlined workflow and support for every aspect of helping employees track and improve their performance, Howamigoing would make a great addition to your HR stack.

Humaans – Employee database for modern teams

HRIS for modern teams | Humaans
Everything modern People teams need to onboard, manage and grow their employees. Fast workflow, beautiful people directory, time off tracking and powerful integrations.

Call us biased, but you can’t run a company in 2020 on spreadsheets! If you need to keep employee records well organised and securely accessible, track time off and get a view of your company trends in a single place – Humaans is the answer. Beautifully designed, fast and integrated with your favourite tools like GSuite and Slack – your employees will love it and so will you.

Back – Employee ticketing

Back — Employee requests, simplified
For employees it’s a convenient way to get help, using their preferred communication channel. For experts in internal service teams it’s a centralized place to manage and respond to these requests.

Once you hit a certain size, you're going to see your People Ops, Finance and IT team swimming in people requests asking all sort of things ranging from contract details to policies and more. Back makes sure that once the questions are addressed they are accessible for more people to see. With it's simple design it helps you manage employee requests in the same way you would manage customer requests.

The future of work looks bright and the growing number of players in the HR Tech means that we'll see a wave of innovation. Have you tried any other products making your workplace better? Drop us a note on Twitter @HumaansHQ – we'd love to know!

Simplify your people operations with Humaans
Everything modern HR teams need to onboard, manage and grow their people. Try it free today – create an account in minutes.

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