We're making HR software delightful

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Work has changed in fundamental ways. We’re building tools to help companies embrace these changes and thrive.

We're building a new kind of employee management platform designed to help People Ops, Finance, and IT teams operate collaboratively. We're connecting the best in class point solutions they want for their staff while maintaining a central hub of employee data.

Our goal is to automate the full employment lifecycle and turn complex manual processes, such as onboarding, offboarding, promotions, compensation management, and more, into simple workflows.

Our team is excited to be building a well-crafted product that drives value for the entire organisation and bridges the gap between sophisticated business tools and elegant consumer experiences.

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Our investors

We are privileged to have onboard some of the brightest minds in tech. Investors that helped amazing companies scale and shape new product categories.

Y Combinator
Investor in Stripe, Coinbase, Airbnb
Investor in Faculty, Homerun, Pento
Frontline Ventures
Investor in Lattice, Greenhouse
Lachy Groom
Investor in Notion, Superhuman, Front
Investor in Ferrari, Stellantis, Brex
Next Play Ventures
Investor in Slack, Fast, Notion, Figma
Jeff Weiner
Former LinkedIn CEO
Stewart Butterfield
Slack Founder
Tobias Lütke
Shopify Founder
Megan Quinn
Former Niantic COO
Oliver Jay
Asana CRO
Claire Johnson
Stripe COO
Dylan Field
Figma CEO
Des Traynor
Intercom co-founder
Philip Chambers
Peakon co-founder
Scott Belsky
Former Benchmark GP, Adobe
Akshay Kothari
Notion COO
Emre Baran
Qubit co-founder
David Clarke
Former Workday CTO
Finn Murphy
Frontline Ventures

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We’re based in London (UK), but building a truly global company. Help us build the people platform we wish existed.

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