Humaans to spreadsheet in as little as 2 clicks

The fastest way to export your people data and run analysis in your tool of choice. Look no further.

A data export form with the list of available fields
Pick and mix all fields
Aggregate over any period of time
Instant downloads
2 click exports
Rewind historical data

Really fast

Quickly extract any data point about your employees and rewind time to see historical data points, including past salaries, job roles, and off-boarded employees.
  • System agnostic Get your data in a .csv format to be used in any downstream system of choice.
  • Above and beyond with data tools Import any data point in any BI tool for more granular analysis.
  • Point in time reporting Rewind time to see job roles or compensation as they were at some point in the past.
Data export form with the date picker opened

A powerful way of accessing all employee data points stored in Humaans without having to jump through any hoops

Predefined templates

Start with one of the handy provided templates and tweak further to your needs.
  • Payroll A number of payroll related exports including up to date banking details as well a feed of compensation changes over any period of time.
  • Dietary preferences Export a summary of up to date employee's dietary preferences and allergies.
  • Time away summary Rollup time off or sick total days taken and remaining balance over any period of time.
A list of pre-defined data export templates

There's more you can do with Humaans

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