At Humaans we work with leaders and operators to help them achieve their goals by providing beautiful software that is flexible, customisable and ready for scale.

A smiling human in a blue denim jacket in front of a blue wall
A smiling human in a polka dot shirt sitting in front of a laptop
A smiling human in a polka dot shirt sitting in front of a laptop

“Taking a modular approach to my HR tech stack means I can choose an HRIS that’s extremely good at one thing, and integrates with all the other tools that also perform their specialism well. With Humaans, I have a lot of confidence that our input as a business matters, and that they’re always working to roll out new functionality and features.”

Thomas Forstner
Director of People and Talent

Enabling People teams at modern organisations.

Bring your teams together providing everything that’s needed to collaborate, coordinate work, and increase compliance – even before day one.

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"Having a Humaans account is as essential to us as having a Google Workspace account."
How Pleo is scaling a hypergrowth culture and processes using Humaans
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"Humaans is like Notion for our People team — it just does exactly what it’s supposed to do."
How Juro cut onboarding and reporting time by over 50% with Humaans
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"When you’re growing and your processes don’t grow with you, your most fundamental data is no longer within your control."
How Manyone is scaling standardised People practices during mergers and acquisitions
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"Humaans is the glue that holds our People processes together."
How Fonoa leverages Humaans to build scalable processes and data ownership
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"We needed a tool that allowed for scaling across markets while building confidence in the organisation and keeping us compliant."
How Humaans helps Normative optimise its People processes with high-performance integrations
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"With Humaans, we feel ahead of the competition. It’s made us feel more professional, more in control, more solid — and so much better equipped for growth."
How harmonising global HR operations improved Koto’s efficiency
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"Humaans has made my job so much easier. It’s a 10/10 experience"
How Fidel API reduced admin and onboarding time by 66% with Humaans
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"Humaans is a central source of truth for our organisation, it’s fast becoming our employee bible."
How AviadoBio is scaling a fully compliant, global company using Humaans