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Small and medium-sized businesses use Humaans to simplify their people operations. Collect, store and leverage your people data to make your business better.

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“It’s a simple, no-frills people tool”
Pleo is using Humaans to run their day to day People Operations with 160+ people distributed in 14 countries across the globe
Jessie Scheepers, Head of People Operations
Pleo | Company card that does your expense reports
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Here is what you can do with Humaans

Collect and store employee data accurately

Companies of any size can’t operate without organising their people data – and spreadsheets are messy and insecure.
Capture all employee data
Easily spot missing data
Store personal and company docs
A list of documents uploaded to Humaans

Provide visibility to all teams around who is away

Whether people are WFH, under the weather or on holiday exploring an exotic corner of the world, get a holistic view to plan ahead.
Time away tracking with flexible PTO policies
Remote and distributed team friendly
Company wide view of who’s away
A Who's away calendar view

Be informed about things that matter most

Who’s leaving next week? Who’s joining this month? Are any visas expiring soon? Don’t chase – let Humaans tell you at the right time.
Missing data point reminders
Monitor probation period ending
Who’s joining and leaving
Birthdays and anniversaries
Expiring ID notifications
A list of employees and labels with key dates
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