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Teams suffer from frequent, repetitive questions that take up lots of time.

Hundreds of hours per month are spent answering repetitive questions that are already documented in the tools you use.

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No more repetitive questions.

Save time, move faster, optimise your headcount and see tangible ROI.


Estimate Cost & FTE Savings by Company Size

Company size by Headcount
FTE Savings with Humaans AI
Avg. Cost Savings with Humaans AI
100 - 500Up to 2$116,797.92
500 - 10002 to 5$291,994.80
1000 - 5,0005 to 25$1,167,979.20
5,000 - 10,00025 to 50$2,919,948.00
By surveying ~1,000+ companies globally we estimate that 10 to 15 hours per week of 1 HR FTE are spent on addressing repetitive queries related to company policies and similar alone.

Learning from your policies and documents

Use documents from Humaans and more sources to inform the AI powered answers to your teams’ questions.

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Meet Humaans AI

Your team companion able to answer questions around people, policies, time away, and more on you and your team’s behalf.

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Secure permission driven data access

Permissions driven
All responses are driven by the user permissions you’ve setup.
Privacy first
No data used to train AI models or sold to third parties.
Always up to date
Real time document analysis for accurate answers.
Document sources
View document source of the responses to your questions.

Use natural language to create the data view you need

Create tables with data by simply asking Humaans AI.

AI chat within Policies table
AI chat within Handbooks table
AI chat within Contracts table
AI chat within Integrations table
AI chat within Policy creation table