The most comprehensive view of your company trends

Learn about turnover, headcount changes, salary spend and tenure, and follow time off trends in seconds, without any manual work.

A company growth chart with headcount, joiners, leavers, and turnover metrics
Follow company growth
Track joiners and leavers over time
Accurate historical data
Headcount changes
Avg. salary
Avg. tenure
Historical data
Time off trends

Monitor things that matter

Understand salary spend trends and company tenure over time to inform your business strategy.
  • Track company salary spend With company total and average, department breakdown view and over time changes.
  • Monitor tenure View department breakdown and compare to company or location average.
  • Compare periods Go back in time to see how the current spend compares to previous years or months.
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An updated snapshot of team composition and headcount fluctuation without tedious manual exports

Department headcount breakdown pie chart and table with previous period comparison

Plan for the unexpected

Monitor and compare time off trends to make sure your team is well rested and take action as needed.
  • Paid time off, sick days, and working from home Track the time off you care about the most.
  • Annual and monthly days taken view Get a clear view of the averages across different time periods.
  • Compare trends See how current time off trends compare to previous years or months.
Paid time off trend chart
Sick days trend chart
Working from home days trend chart

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