Manage people data at scale

All your people data in a central and familiar spreadsheet view. Browse, bulk edit, and manage your datasets at scale with Humaans data tables.

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Browse, filter, sort
Multiple datasets
Data validation
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The fastest way to manage your people data

Leverage core spreadsheet features and work with real-time people data straight into your HRIS.
  • Browse Navigate through large data sets at scale with ease. Spot data gaps, errors, make adjustments, and ensure high data quality – in seconds.
  • Filter Craft the perfect view for you and your team based on specific use cases. Filter by team or location, focus on compensation and packages, work on custom data sets or personal base information.
  • Multiple Datasets Manage your people data in a central accessible and secure view. Create new hires, manage devices and equipments, review time away usage, and much more.
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“Super intuitive and really easy for updating team statuses in one minute. We use Tables to instantly update compensation changes as well as processing stock for our employees - all within the sheet view vs going back and forth between individual profiles. It’s a massive time saver; we can see straight away how data changes will be reflected in profiles. Great for any bulk process.”

Laura Novello
People Operations Manager at Fonoa

An HRIS like no other

No more out of sync data scattered across spreadsheets, resulting in hours of manual entry and exposing confidential data offline.
  • Bulk edits Apply changes fast to multiple columns and rows all at once. Easily undo edits where needed.
  • Validation Tap into smart and realtime data validation to ensure integrity end to end.
  • Imports Import all your data sets in bulk via CSV with confidence.
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