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Headcount plan 2024
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The best HRIS on the market for all types of organisations

With over 15 years experience in the People / HR arena I can confidently say that Humaans is far superior to any other HRIS platform out there for a number of reasons: straightforward and intuitive UI, the platform supports a large range of integrations with other tools, Humaans simplifies workflow management, offering a streamlined approach to handle HR processes efficiently. The platform distinguishes itself with exceptional customer support and is built to accommodate growth, indicating its capability to scale alongside expanding organizations.

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Gemma B.

Head of Operations

Predict exactly how your company will evolve

Use our flexible tables infrastructure to understand your future headcount and hiring plans.
  • Comprehensive insights Reveal insights into total salary spend, projected costs, salary increase and planned hire salaries.
  • Role statuses Mark roles with New hire, Active, Departing, Offboarded and Planned hire statuses.
Comprehensive insights

Store key data point creating an essential resource for your organisation.

Permissions based
Ensure people only see what they need to see.
Propose, review, and implement changes in one place.
Historical context
Review historical context of headcount and costs.
Filters & views
Create, view and filter multiple different scenarios.
Salary progression chart

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