New in Humaans: Improved Job Role and Compensation Management
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New in Humaans: Improved Job Role and Compensation Management

New in Humaans: Improved Job Role and Compensation Management

Employee job roles and compensations change multiple times as people progress through their careers within a company. Populating and updating this data should be quick and easy.

Update workflow

We've always allowed adding new roles as well as editing existing ones. You'd add a new one if a person has been promoted, changed departments or changed their managers. And you'd edit to fix any mistakes. However, because we previously showed both "Add" and "Edit" buttons together, it wasn't immediately clear which action should be used to update a person's role. We have now renamed "Add role" to "Update role" and made that the only primary action in the Role table. In addition to that, when you click "Update role" we now prepopulate the form with the latest values, so that it's easy to change only some of the fields.

It works exactly the same when updating Compensations, with the addition of a new quick compensation type picker.

Scheduling updates

Scheduling a job role or compensation for future is as simple as picking a future date in the "Effective date" field. We now highlight the upcoming role and compensation separately from the current role or compensation. This makes it clear what changes have been scheduled without losing visibility on the current role or compensation. Once the day finally arrives, the new job title, department and manager will propagate to the Directory and person's public profile.

Historical data

As you make job role and compensation updates over time, the historical values are kept safely and can be accessed by expanding the table.

Historical data can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as compliance or reporting. In fact, in Humaans, the historical data points are aggregated into company wide trends and are available in the Insights view. Insights is a comprehensive view of your company metrics and can help you understand department headcount, tenure, salary trends and more.

We have refined and improved this process in Humaans based on your feedback to make your experience better. Keep your feedback coming!

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