New in Humaans: Mobile
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New in Humaans: Mobile

New in Humaans: Mobile

Today we're super excited to share the release of Humaans Mobile. This will enable you and your team to access the People Directory and Who's Away calendar, register time off, update profiles, keep an eye on insights and much more – all on the go!

From day one, we designed Humaans to provide you with a user experience that would exceed your expectations. We know that convenience and ease of use are key to making your life easier at work, and your HR software shouldn't be a pain to interact with. We invested in an elegant design framework, quick workflow, real time API, and are now bringing all the best that Humaans has to offer right in your pocket.

Employee Experience

With Humaans Mobile, people can quickly familiarise with names and faces across your company as well as projects people are working on, access their time away details, take time off on the go, see who's away within the team, and browse personal and company documents.

Admin Experience

The Admin user experience is designed for maximum speed. Seeing who's joining or leaving and when is a tap away, exporting data is hassle free, and the insight dashboard is always accessible to let you address business questions in seconds.

Native vs Mobile web

Humaans Mobile is available today. You don't need to download an app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Just visit on your phone and log on (or sign up). We didn't want to make our mobile experience a checkbox or make any trade offs, which is why we have decided to focus on a responsive mobile first approach to ensure you get access to all the features Humaans has to offer across any device type – web, mobile, and tablets – no matter your role within the organisation.

We hope this release will make you love Humaans even more – no matter the device you log on from. Not a customer yet but like what you see? Visit and start your 30 day free trial today!

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