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New in Humaans: Equipment, Custom Fields and Jump Menu

New in Humaans: Equipment, Custom Fields and Jump Menu

This week we're launching three new features in Humaans. Equipment and custom fields expand the types of employee data you can collect and store in Humaans. And the jump menu will give you a new super power to navigate the product at lightning speed.


A highly requested feature, equipment, will help you keep track of the company equipment issued to each employee right in their profile. You can use it to note down laptops, accessories, phones, chairs, key cards and so on. Keep detailed records with serial numbers, issue and collection dates, notes, and file attachments. And export the full list of the equipment used across the entire company in two clicks, just like any other data stored in Humaans.

Equipment section with records for a screen, keyboard and laptop

Custom fields

Another highly requested feature, custom fields, enables you to extend the Humaans data model with any new attributes that are relevant to your business. This makes the employee database in Humaans more flexible and will help you adapt it to your specific needs.

You can extend the fields in the Profile area under the Basics, Health, Banking and Equipment sections, as well as fields in the Employment area under the Details section.

For example, you could use custom fields to track various identifiers, such as payroll number, health insurance ID, region specific tax codes and so on.

Custom field management section display several Profile and Employment custom fields

Custom fields can be exported together with other data in the Admin area, they will appear in the appropriate section in every available export template. Custom fields are also available in our Open API, which means you can access and edit all of the custom field data programmatically.

Jump menu

The best in class productivity and office tools such as Slack, Superhuman or Pitch all have one thing in common - they provide keyboard shortcuts to help power users save time and perform common actions quickly. Today, we're introducing Jump menu, which lets you navigate Humaans at lightning speed.

Don't worry! It is really easy to use as there is only one keyboard shortcut to be learned:

Cmd + K on Mac or Ctrl + K on Windows

This shortcut will bring up the Jump menu, which can be used to open any person's profile by typing their name. In addition to navigating between different employee profiles, you can use this shortcut at any time to perform many additional actions:

  • Apply department, team or location filters in the people directory
  • Navigate to different pages, such as Who's Away, Insights or Events
  • Register time off, sick days or working from home days
  • Open specific areas of people's profiles
  • Export data

We hope you enjoy this release. Not a customer but like what you see? Visit and start your 30 day free trial today!

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