New in Humaans: Teamtailor ATS integration
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New in Humaans: Teamtailor ATS integration

New in Humaans: Teamtailor ATS integration

We're excited to share the release of our Teamtailor integration. Automation saves time and with this new integration you can seamlessly import new hires from Teamtailor directly into Humaans. Goodbye, manual work! 👋

We know that you use many tools day to day to manage the full spectrum of people operations. And we see it as our mission to connect those tools and automate as much of the employee lifecycle as possible to save you time, reduce human mistakes and help you stay compliant. This is why we've been building integrations as part of our roadmap (such as our integration with Slack and integration with DocuSign) and why we've opened up our API early so that you could build your own integrations.

Teamtailor is a popular Applicant Tracking System (ATS), especially loved by  companies in the Northern Europe. Teamtailor helps with attracting, nurturing and hiring top talent using their easy to use recruitment and employer branding features. Install the Humaans trigger in your Teamtailor account and the candidates marked as hired will automatically get imported into Humaans.

Let’s see how the Teamtailor integration works

To use the Teamtailor integration you'll need to first enable it in Teamtailor and then in Humaans. In Teamtailor, that's done in the integration Marketplace and in Humaans, you'll find the new integration in the Admin > Integrations area.

Once that's all enabled and ready, all of the candidates that reach the Hired stage will get imported to Humaans within seconds and will appear in a brand new New hires area.

Humaans will import all the available details, such as their name, personal email, job title, department and more. The new hires area is a place where you'll be able to verify the details that were imported from Teamtailor and fill out any missing information, such as the employee's work email or employment start date, before adding them as members to your organisation.

More to come

Stay tuned as we have another ATS integration coming shortly and even more integrations in the coming weeks. Want to see a specific integration in Humaans? Reach out


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