New in Humaans: Document Sorting, Long Leave Reminders, Shortcuts, and more
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New in Humaans: Document Sorting, Long Leave Reminders, Shortcuts, and more

New in Humaans: Document Sorting, Long Leave Reminders, Shortcuts, and more

Another week, another update to Humaans, your favorite HR software! 😘

Last week we introduced our DocuSign integration that automatically imports signed documents from DocuSign into employee’s profiles. This week we’re sharing a series of improvements to make your workflow faster and better with Humaans.

Document sorting

You can now specify the issue date of the documents. Sometimes, when uploading an old document you would like to be able to set an accurate issue date so that it’s clear when this document took effect.

This is also how we now order the documents in the list so that it’s easy to spot which documents are new and which are old regardless of when they were uploaded to the profile. Neat!

Long leave Slack reminders

Previously, when people would take long leave, for example a long holiday, a parental leave or a sabbatical, the daily Slack update would include those people every day. That would get a bit noisy when you know that certain people will be away for say the entire month. This is why we now treat anyone who’s away for 4 weeks or longer as being on long leave and only include them in the Slack updates on their first day of the long leave and their first day back.


We want you to feel like you have superpowers when you use Humaans. Humaans is already really fast and even updates in realtime across all your tabs and devices. To bring even more speed to your daily Humaans workflow we’re introducing two keyboard + mouse combo shortcuts. 🤓

Clicking on a person in the people directory opens their public profile. To open the full profile you need a second click on the “Full profile” button. Well now, if you want to immediately open the full profile straight from the people directory you can hold the Shift key on your keyboard when clicking on the person. And to open multiple people’s full profiles in new tabs, hold Cmd or Ctrl key while clicking on the person.

Who said keyboard shortcuts are for developer tools only?

First / last day at work

Sometimes people start work on a different day than the one specified in the contract or leave the company before the official employment date under a special agreement. You can now specify the first working day and last working day separately from the employment start date and employment end date. This is not only helpful for keeping the records accurate, but to also know precisely when the first day of the new employees is so that your team is ready to onboard them. And for people that are leaving, the last working day is when their access from Humaans gets revoked.

We hope this release will make you love Humaans even more. Not a customer yet but like what you see? Visit and start your 30 day free trial today!

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