New in Humaans: DocuSign integration
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New in Humaans: DocuSign integration

New in Humaans: DocuSign integration

Today we're excited to share the release of our DocuSign integration. Automation can save loads of time and with the new DocuSign integration you can seamlessly sync signed employee documents from DocuSign directly to their profiles in Humaans. Goodbye, manual work! 👋

We know you use a lot of tools to manage day to day people operations. With Humaans we want to help you connect those tools together to reduce overhead and give you time back to focus on more impactful work. This is why we've been building integrations as part of our roadmap (e.g. our integration with Slack) and why we've opened up our API early so that you could build your own integrations. This is only the beginning.

DocuSign is the world’s leading eSignature solution with hundreds of millions of users. Both our customers and many of the prospects we interact with on a regular basis rely on DocuSign to prepare, sign, and manage employment contracts. Providing you with the ability to connect Humaans and DocuSign to accelerate your workflow was a no brainer.

Let’s see how the DocuSign integration works

After you connect Humaans to your DocuSign account, you’ll be presented with the integration configuration. Here you get to pick which templates you’d like to sync, which document recipient to match against the employee’s profile and what document types to import the documents as.

Once you’ve saved the configuration the documents will start syncing. All matching past and future documents will be imported to the appropriate employee profiles. Humaans will look at each document in DocuSign and will import only if:

  1. The document was created from one of the enabled templates.
  2. The document has been signed by all parties.
  3. The email in the specified recipient role matches the employee's work email and the document was created between employment start and end date.
  4. Or if the email in the specified recipient role matches the employee's personal email and full name.

The imported documents will be accessible to the employee right away as well as to other user roles, such as admin, finance or line managers depending on the document type permissions you set.

This is a great way to keep all your documents organised in a central place and get those employment agreements, contract addendums and other employee documents automatically imported to Humaans for convenience and ease of access.

Curious to learn more about how you could save time by using our DocuSign integration? Get in touch with us at And if there are other integrations you’d benefit from but don’t see in Humaans yet, let us know – we’d love to learn from your experience.

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