New in Humaans: Lever integration
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New in Humaans: Lever integration

New in Humaans: Lever integration

We're excited to share another addition to our applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations today - an integration with Lever. Using this integration you can seamlessly import new hires from Lever directly into Humaans.

Whatever the applicant tracking system you're using - the goal for us at Humaans is to improve your workflow and connect the tools you use. This is why in addition to our existing Greenhouse and Teamtailor integrations, today we're making available the Lever integration with more ATS integrations on the way. Using multiple ATS systems to manage hiring in different regions? No problem, connect them all and centralise your employee data in Humaans!

Lever is an award-winning recruiting software that helps you grow your workforce and improve DEI - all in on one complete, scalable ATS+CRM solution. Set up Humaans integration in your Lever account and the candidates marked as hired will automatically get imported into Humaans.

Let’s see how the Lever integration works

To use the Lever integration you'll need to enable it in Humaans under Admin > Integrations. Once you've connected your Lever account to Humaans, you will then copy configuration parameters over to your Lever account to complete the integration set up.

Once all that is done, every time a candidate in Lever is marked as hired, they will appear in Humaans in the New hires area. Humaans will import all of the available details of the new hire, such as their name, personal email, job title, department and more. You will then be able to verify the details and fill out any missing information, such as the employee's work email or employment start date, before adding them as members to your organisation.

We hope you enjoy this integration and if you're not a Humaans customer yet, but want to try it and see the Lever and other integrations in action, make sure to sign up for your 14 day trial.

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