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New in Humaans: Limited Access Roles

New in Humaans: Limited Access Roles

Today we're excited to announce that we expanded the customisability of Humaans with the addition of Limited Access Roles. This will allow you to empower certain individuals in your company while you scale up, providing a better way to manage permissions across your organisation.

One of the core tenets at Humaans is to build strong, lasting relationships with the companies we work with. This means understanding their needs today, adapting to these needs changing as they grow, and anticipating needs they might have in the future.

When a company grows from 10 to 100 to 1,000 it becomes much harder, and less efficient, to keep all your processes centralised to a single HR team. In order to adapt during this growth, one trend we've seen from our customers is to empower individuals to be responsible for their own processes. The devolved functions could include performance and pay reviews, onboarding, offboarding, and localised reporting to name a few.

A more flexible way to manage user access and permissions

Humaans has traditionally supported granting users a super role of Owner, Admin, or Finance which all come with access to employees' profiles and also account administration. In order to support this growing need, we wanted to add the ability to give certain individuals enhanced access to only a certain subset of employees.

This is why we are excited to announce Limited Access Roles today. Limited Access Roles allow you to grant certain individuals an Editor or Viewer role for a subset of employees in your organisation. We now support the ability to target these employees through their department and/or location.

Once this access is set, the specified user will be able to edit (or view) these profiles while not being given access to more sensitive company settings.

Address, compensation, and documents are sensitive in nature, so we've always provided more granular access to customise who can view these on a role-by-role basis. We wanted to expand this even further and you can now also customise who can edit compensations.

We took this also as an opportunity to strengthen our infrastructure and already working on a set of enhancements to provide our customers with further flexibility making Humaans even more scalable and powerful as you grow your headcount with us. Stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy this and if you're not a Humaans customer yet, but want to try it and see our Limited Access Roles in action, get in touch or book a demo today!

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