The People Operations Tech Stack of 2022

The People Operations Tech Stack of 2022

The People Operations Tech Stack of 2022

It’s undeniable that your employees are the most important part of your business, and by proxy, the technology you select to manage and enable them are among the most important purchases companies will make each year.

This can be difficult. It’s a lot of decision making, right? Well, luckily for you, Humaans works with the most ambitious start-ups and scale-ups globally. In this book we collected what we saw them use.

Why do I need a tech stack?

The legacy all-in-one solutions are cumbersome, pricey, and generally unpleasant to use. We've built our own people tech stack to support our team the way we want to, without being limited by one provider's capability. Having this stack in place early on supports our scale, and an API approach gives us the flexibility to add on tools when we need them.

– Ben Butler, Head of People at Evervault

HR tech has evolved significantly and so has the people operations function. Historically, we’ve seen legacy technology address people tech with a swiss army knife approach; one system that does everything.

The reality of this approach is dangerous - circumstance change (growth, distributed teams, new technology) leave a high risk of having to rip out a solution, deal with HR debt and band aid a poor employee experience.

The market has also seen best-of-breed solutions emerge to solve problems that all-in-one solutions can’t; the idea that complex people problems and scaling a team can be managed by a lazy blanket approach is outdated.

We’ve seen that:

  • Business demands are more. Teams want to grow faster, more efficiently, provide amazing experiences and support remote/distributed set-ups.
  • Reliance is more. Our teams are entirely run upon technology; the efficiencies and impact they provide influence the experience all employees feel and impacts company culture.
  • Best-of-breed solutions are here to stay. The market has seen an influx of point solutions that do one thing, and one thing incredibly well, become heavily adopted - offering sophistication & flexibility needed for scale & high performance; from applicant tracking modules, performance, engagement and everything in between.

The Solution

To build a fully integrated, built for purpose, people operations tech stack.

We work with the world’s most ambitious companies, from unicorn computer software & Fintech’s to global consulting companies. Based on this experience, this is the people stack we’d recommend to future proof the people & business demands coming your way.

The HR tech stack will always consist of a core HR layer, a recruitment module and performance + engagement management. Then, depending on your jurisdiction, payroll, and then potentially benefits or equity management.

Simplify your people operations today. Book a free demo to learn how.

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