The People Operations Tech Stack of 2023

The People Operations Tech Stack of 2023

The People Operations Tech Stack of 2023

Choosing the right HR solutions to support your organisation’s core People processes can feel overwhelming. But getting this step right is essential to creating the systems and processes that respond to your organisation’s evolving strategic needs, a changing environment for work, and creating a great employee experience. So, where do you start — and what platforms make up the ideal People operations stack? We’ve got you.

At Humaans, we work with some of the most ambitious, forward-thinking startups and scale-ups out there — and they all bring the same progressive approach to their HR tech stack.

Whether you’re looking for a new ATS, payroll platform, or employee engagement solution, here are what the best companies out there are using to build People processes that not only scale, but actively create a better employee experience.

3 key shifts in today’s People teams

In the current climate, People teams are every organisations’ strategic advantage. But only if they’re able to build the systems and processes to fuel business success.

Business demands are increasing. Efficiency, resilience, and performance have always been critical to business success — but they’re especially so right now. But that’s not all — the best organisations know that creating a great employee experience is central to their future success.

People teams are more tech-driven. People teams are the engine of modern organisations. But great People teams aren’t built on rigid processes and tech — they’re built on adaptability, flexibility, and responsiveness to evolving business needs.

Organisations are becoming more data-driven. Data is now just part of the way we work. But legacy, all-in-one HR solutions often lock data in a proprietary format, meaning they can’t deliver the interoperability needed to analyse and harness the power of People data at scale.

In light of these challenges, rigid tooling, unscalable process, and inefficiency aren’t going to cut it — organisations need a HR tech stack they can rely on.

Organisations need tech solutions that help them improve efficiency across their People processes, and guarantee employee retention and performance — in good times and bad.

“It feels like a lot of HR tooling on the market has rigid processes and systems you’re expected to fit into as an organisation. A great People tech stack helps us align the People function more closely with the business agenda. Instead of talking about how employees feel and what that means, we have the data to show why it makes business sense to focus on the employee experience. Evolving our approach to the People tech stack is how we win.”

Jessie Danyi, Senior People Leader – Pleo

They need solutions that can scale with them and create failsafe process stability while offering flexibility to change at will, reducing the risk of a costly software rip-out in turbulent times.

They need a purpose-driven, purpose-built approach to their HR tech stack that can flex with periods of low growth, high growth, remote, and anything else that’s coming.

There’s a better way.

Simplify your people operations today. Book a free demo to learn how.

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