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Announcing Humaans Tables

Announcing Humaans Tables

Today we're excited to share the launch of Humaans Tables. Tables give a birds-eye view of all employee data points and organizational structure in a single place to help People, HR and Finance teams better manage large data sets at scale.

HR, People, Talent, and Finance teams spend a lot of time using spreadsheets when dealing with people data. Spreadsheets are often out of sync with real data, disconnected from workflows and processes resulting in many hours of manual entry, and are at higher risk of exposing confidential data offline. Employee data is highly sensitive and needs to be carefully access controlled.

Humaans Tables allows browsing, filtering, reporting, manipulating, importing all of your employee data. The product will facilitate the management of large people-data sets at scale. It will enable collaboration and People Teams to share subsets of data with managers and empower them to review things such as job titles, compensation, onboarding, role planning, headcount. This will create new visibility into the data with computed metrics and formulas to get an overview of employee’s tenure, time since last raise, time since last promotion, and more while keeping the view centralized and secure.

It reinvents traditional, clunky tables that often lock data away behind slow interfaces. It is used by Humaans' fast growth scaling customers such as Pleo, Fidel API, Fonoa and Tarabut to bring power, speed and flexibility to managing employee data.

No matter how robust the data infrastructure at your organization is – if you are dealing with employee data, spreadsheets are a daily component of your working life. The release of our new Tables product takes a familiar concept and applies it to a complex problem in an intuitive and customizable way - helping organizations control and manage all their employee data in a central view. From early feedback, we have evidence that Humaans data tables will be transformative for Humaans customers as it consolidates their employee data and offers quick, unmatched insights into their workforce.

The initial launch of Tables enables organizations to manage their live, dynamic and up-to-date employee data in one central source of truth, rather than in many different siloed spreadsheets and systems. It streamlines the onboarding of new employees, and makes quick changes to teams and organizational structures in a few clicks. Tables also enables organizations to browse data in a live and customizable environment focusing on important data without having to export data into a CSV and re-open it in a separate spreadsheet. Through easy to use design Humaans is enabling People teams to play a more strategic role in the business.

"For every People, HR and Finance operator, working with data in spreadsheets is a part of life. An integrated spreadsheet mechanic within the Humaans HRIS to manage large people datasets is a new concept we love. It saves us time, allows us to collaborate effortlessly and ensure data quality while mitigating risk."

– Calvin Samuel, People Products at Pleo

"Super intuitive and really easy - immediate use for updating team status' in one minute. We use Tables for salary review cycles to instantly update compensation changes as well as processing stock for our employees - all within the sheet view vs going back and forth between individual views or profiles. It's a massive time saver and visually responsive; we can see straight away how data changes will be reflected in profiles. It's a huge time saver for any bulk process"

– Laura Novello, People Operations Manager at Fonoa

As we see companies transitioning from a landscape where they were optimising speed of hiring and onboarding processes, to consolidation of existing processes to ensure retention of top talent, better support staff, and have granular control around cost, at Humaans we have been investing our Product and Engineering efforts to enable organizations to be faster in making adjustments, increase efficiency, and take decisions.

We're excited to bring this new development of our platform, and if you want to access Tables and see it in action, get in touch or book a demo today!

About Humaans

Humaans helps globally scaling organizations transform their HR processes with a human-centric approach. Humaans offers flexibility and scalability to efficiently customize organizations' HR tech stack, seamlessly integrates with other best in class platforms and point solutions, such as Google Workplace, Slack, Okta, Greenhouse, Lattice, DocuSign and more. Humaans also reduces ongoing administrative work by 65% and onboarding time by an average of 55%.

Organizations are becoming frustrated with ‘one size fits all’ software platforms and poorly integrated HR stacks that slow down processes, exposing them to compliance risk. Humaans addresses this by enabling them to create a customizable HR stack. The stack enables companies to manage employee data, documents contracts, reporting, and people processes that power your entire HR structure.

Humaans has raised $20 million in VC funding to date. Investors include major Tech players such as Lachy Groom; Slack founder Stewart Butterfield; Shopify founder Tobias Lütke; Figma Founder Dylan Field; Linkedin ex-CEO Jeff Weiner; Stripe COO Claire Johnson; Y Combinator; Moonfire; Frontline Ventures; Exor and more.

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