Instant access to your payroll data

Whether you work with an accountancy firm or a payroll provider, Humaans grants you instant access to the data you need at all times

A Google Sheets UI with payroll data imported from Humaans
Export as CSV
International banking details
Multiple currencies and frequencies
Quick access
Compensation history
Role history
Time off balances
API integration

Instant data access

Export your payroll data in 2 clicks using our customisable template and share it with your accountant team or import it in any payroll system of choice supporting .csv.
A list of payroll export templates

Full history

Access the full historical changes for compensations, roles and time off balances.
A list of some of the available payroll export fields

Your source of truth for employee data

Use the Humaans API to build custom payroll integrations with any system of choice to ensure data is in-sync at all times.

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API access token configuration UI

There's more you can do with Humaans

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