The State of HR 2023

The State of HR 2023

The role of the HR team is only getting more and more complex. As work has shifted on its axis over the last few years, HR and People teams have been on the frontlines of managing this shift — both for the organisation, and for their people.

They’ve had to navigate company-wide layoffs and budget cuts while seeing cuts to their own teams, be nimble at a moment’s notice as hiring freezes destabilise growth plans — and manage entire workforces and their data from afar in the wake of remote working.

But while HR is central to navigating these current — and future — challenges affecting the global workforce and economy, few have delved into exactly how these shifts are impacting the people behind the role.

We wanted to find out how HR teams are responding to the current uncertain context, and if they’re feeling equipped for what’s coming next. We surveyed over 1,000 HR & People Ops professionals from organisations at different maturity levels across the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway and Poland to find out how they felt about the state of their role, team, tooling, and how they feel the recent economic downturn will impact their function in the future.

We found out that HR teams globally are feeling understaffed, under-resourced, and unsure what the future holds. But within the uncertainty, there’s still cause for optimism: HR teams are ready for change — and they’re ready to invest in building new infrastructure that will better support their role and their organisation.

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