New in Humaans: Workflow Triggers and Due Dates
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New in Humaans: Workflow Triggers and Due Dates

New in Humaans: Workflow Triggers and Due Dates

Today we're excited to announce the launch of Workflow Triggers and Due Dates in Humaans. This latest release is designed to make our existing workflows more powerful and it allows adding employee lifecycle based triggers and due dates, which then in turn send email notifications about any pending tasks to your team.

Trigger and due dates are an improvement to Workflows that allow to specify when a task becomes relevant and when it needs to be completed by. It can be employee event based (e.g. first working day) or set to a specific date.

For example, in an onboarding workflow you can define that a task, let’s say “Creating a Google account for a new hire” becomes relevant one week before the new hire is set to start, and that the task is due on the first working day. The system will then take care of ensuring that the task only becomes active one week before the new hire starts, and to send the task assignee an email on that date.

Let's see how it works.


You can add Triggers and Due dates to your existing Workflows. Simply click where it says "No trigger date", select your trigger, when you want the assignee to get the notification (via email and in-app) and when the task is due.

Our workflow templates library has been upgraded with support for the new Triggers and Due dates feature. This means that you can quickly get set up with programmatic event based triggers.

If you click on a specific Workflow, you can see the upcoming due dates for all tasks, as well as the extra context around when the task was triggered or when it will trigger.

The “My tasks” area of Humaans has also been updated. Assignees will now see their active tasks and due dates as well as seeing upcoming tasks and when they will become active.

And finally, we've updated the completed task view to show when each task has been completed.

When tasks trigger - the assignee of the task will get a summary email notification with all the tasks that were newly assigned to them, similar to the email shown below.

We hope that you'll love these new features, if you have questions or need any help, please email or your Customer Success Manager.

If you're not a Humaans customer yet you can create an account where this and other Growth features are available whilst trialling or alternatively book a demo with the team to learn more.

Simplify your people operations today. Book a free demo to learn how.

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