New in Humaans: Org Chart
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New in Humaans: Org Chart

New in Humaans: Org Chart

Today we're very excited to announce the launch of Org Chart in Humaans. This is our latest release designed to empower your business by unlocking data stored in Humaans.

Humaans is the source of truth for always up to date employee data in your company and there are a number of insights waiting to be discovered within it; this is why we launched Insights last year and gender pay gap analysis a few months back. This latest release focuses on helping you visualise the structure of your business.

Let's see how it works.

Why Org Chart

Our People directory in Humaans provides individuals with the ability to familiarise with names and faces, as well as learn about the company structure. But as an organisation scales, and more teams, departments and divisions are formed, it might get daunting to navigate the company hierarchy.

Based on our learnings, on the employee side, you would want people to quickly understand the company layout and easily identify the link between individuals they might work with more frequently. On the admin side, you would want to ensure reporting lines are correct, export data and use in presentations, and do more strategy planning around how the company could evolve.

You can move around the hierarchy and can expand/collapse reporting lines by clicking on an employee that has reports.


Pressing the open button on any employee card will show their public profile within the Org Chart screen, as well as any direct reports they have.


In the toolbar you'll find a download button for the cases where you would like to embed the current view of the Org Chart into a slide deck presentation or for when you want to share with the team.

What's next

Starting today the Org Chart feature is available to all our Growth and Enterprise customers. We have exciting plans to expand Org Chart with new capabilities to unlock even more insights on your company's structure, and will be sharing more soon. Stay tuned!

If you're not currently a Growth customer and would like to upgrade please get in touch. If you're not a Humaans customer yet you can create an account where this and other Growth features are available whilst trialling or alternatively get in touch to book a demo with the team.

Simplify your people operations today. Book a free demo to learn how.

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