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New in Humaans: Workable integration

New in Humaans: Workable integration

We're excited to expand our growing list of ATS integrations today with the addition of an integration with Workable. This will allow new hires from Workable to be automatically imported into Humaans.

One of our goals at Humaans is to connect all the tools you need to seamlessly build workflows across your HR stack. This is why in addition to our existing integrations with Greenhouse, Teamtailor, and Lever, we're also making Workable available as an integration today.

Let's try out the integration

To enable the Workable integration, there will be a new Workable entry under Admin > Integrations. Click Configure, then Add to Workable, and follow the prompts to connect your Workable account.

Once this has all been setup, every time a candidate in Workable is moved into the hired stage, they will appear in the New hires section of Humaans. All of the available details of the new hire, such as their name, personal email, job title, department and more will be imported. You will then be able to verify the details and fill out any missing information, such as the employee's work email or employment start date, before adding them as members to your organisation.

We hope you enjoy this integration and if you're not a Humaans customer yet, but want to try it and see the Workable and other integrations in action, get in touch or book a demo today!

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