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New in Humaans: Public Holiday Viewer for remote and distributed

New in Humaans: Public Holiday Viewer  for remote and distributed

We improved how Humaans handles regional public holidays (for regions of Australia, Canada, Germany and more) by adding a total of 189 calendars to better support remote and distributed teams. You will also be able to easily see what public holidays are applied to each employee in your company with the new Public Holiday Viewer, to ensure time off is equally distributed in your company.

Built in public holiday calendars is one of the many ways Humaans is helping you save time. For companies with distributed teams or remote people across the globe – keeping track of all the local and regional public holidays can be quite a hassle, especially since these days change every year based on a variety of factors such as moon cycles or religious calendars.

From the very start Humaans highlighted public holidays to all employees when they registered time off and did not count such days towards the paid time off balance.

But with the latest release, we've added more visibility on all the public holidays relevant to your company.

Public holiday viewer

We've made it easier to see all public holiday calendars in use in a central place. You will find a new "Public holidays" card in your Admin area that summarises what public holiday calendars are in use within your company. You'll see how many people each calendar is applied to based on their place of work and how many days of public holidays each country has.

Click into any of the calendars to see the list of public holidays in that country or region for the current, or any other year.

Regional holidays

We have also improved our coverage adding more countries and adding regional public holidays for countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, US and more. For example, if you have an office or a remote employee in Münich, Germany, we will correctly apply the Bavarian public holiday calendar to those people. You can browse all 189 calendars and their dates using the Public Holiday Viewer.

Calendar integration

While not a new feature, we wanted to remind you that you can import the Public Holiday calendar feed into any calendar software, such as Google Calendar. Very handy for distributed teams. This feed is personalised to make it easier to recognise which public holidays are relevant to you – the country flag of your own place of work will always appear first in the list.

We hope this release will make it even easier to manage everyone's time off and coordinate work effectively. Not a customer but like what you see? Visit and start your 30 day free trial!

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