New in Humaans: Okta integration
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New in Humaans: Okta integration

New in Humaans: Okta integration

The team at Humaans is always excited to build on our growing list of integrations. Today we launch the first of a series of integrations designed exclusively for our Enterprise customers: Okta. This new integration makes it easier for you to manage user identity and access across the many tools used by your organisation, whilst keeping Humaans as the single source of truth for employee data.

Okta is a cloud-based product which enables organisations to manage employees' access to applications and devices. With features such as provisioning & deprovisioning, single sign-on, integrations with Active Directory and LDAP, and policies for organisation security and control, Okta is loved by companies who wish to efficiently manage their IT processes at scale.

How it works

Simply give Humaans your Okta domain and an API key which can easily be created in just a few clicks, tell us how and when you want users created, and we'll do the rest. This way, when someone new joins your company, they will automatically get created in Okta, which in turn can provision user accounts in other systems. And when someone leaves, they will automatically be suspended in Okta so that their access from other systems is removed, ensuring good security and compliance.

You'll find information about new accounts being provisioned, deprovisioned or any profile updates we pushed to Okta through the integration's logs tab.

In conclusion, by integrating Okta and Humaans together, you will be able to:

  • Create and activate Okta users when members are onboarded
  • Suspend or deactivate Okta users when members are offboarded
  • Sync data points such as name, contact details (address, email, phone, etc.), job role and manager information to Okta
  • View full activity of actions Humaans took in your Okta account in the Logs tab

We hope you enjoy this integration. If you're not a Humaans customer yet or on our Enterprise plan, and want to try this Enterprise feature, get in touch or book a demo today!

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