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Humaans is ISO27001 compliant

Humaans is ISO27001 compliant

We're proud to announce that we have successfully completed our ISO27001:2013 audit, affirming the effectiveness of our security processes and controls.

Security has always been a top priority at Humaans. We have always followed industry best practises and have taken a number of measures in securing our services and your data. Multi-layer encryption, carefully selecting our vendors, our approach to product design and architecture, automated monitoring through Vanta and formal policies allow us to stay up to date on our security posture at all times.

At Humaans we are committed to offering world class data protection standards to ensure your data is safe and your compliance requirements are met.

The goal of Humaans is to provide a core building block of your HR tech stack. A place where you can store all your employee records and documents, follow company growth and accelerate your day to day people operations. This mission can’t be fulfilled without us implementing strict technical measures and following the highest security standards to build up trust with our customers.

For customers that wish to receive a copy of the report, please email

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