Humaans + Slack

Humaans integrates with Slack to bring more efficiency to your workplace

Step 1

Register time away in Humaans

  • Book full or half days
  • Quickly spot who else is away
  • Flexible PTO policies
Time away registration form

Step 2

See who's away in the timeline

  • Company wide view of who’s away
  • Filter by team, location or department
  • View in Humaans or import to Calendar
The who's away timeline view showing paid time off, parental, working from home and other types of leave

Step 3

Configure the integration for Slack

  • Install Humaans integration for Slack
  • Pick any public or private channel
  • Pick the most convenient time
Slack integration form

Step 4

Get daily updates in Slack

  • Keep your teams on the same page
  • See who is away or who is working from home
  • Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries
A Humaans integration for Slack example showing a Slack message with events of today