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Humaans product update: Integrations, Permissions, Export

Humaans product update: Integrations, Permissions, Export

We're making Humaans better everyday, and here are some new features you may want to know about.

We had a great couple of months at Humaans. We invested further in our content activities by launching People Talks, with the goal to help you learn from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. With the first interviews, we brought the perspective of leaders working on making remote great, enhancing talent acquisition, transforming performance reviews, promoting mental wellbeing and bringing financial awareness at work.

We also launched our new website, to tell more about our company, product, and how we can help simplify your day to day operations.

And last but not least, we received feedback from customers and prospects, and shipped many new product improvements making Humaans better.

This update is all about product, and the new things you can do with it. We're going through the major features we recently launched and how each one can support you in building a great workplace.


New features now available in Humaans include:

  • Data Export – quickly access data for payroll, reporting, and more;
  • Calendar integration – see where people are right in your Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, or Microsoft Outlook;
  • Slack integration – get a daily digest of who's away, working from home or from a different location, and important events like birthdays and anniversaries right in Slack;
  • User roles and permissions – add more team members in Humaans to collaborate, while ensuring privacy by providing the right data access level;

Data Export

The Data Export in Humaans provides you with the quickest experience possible for getting access to the data points you need. You can extract data from the system in as little as 2 clicks, and use it for payroll or any other reporting activities.

Simple on the surface, it is a powerful feature enabling you to access granular data, including rewinding time to see historical data points (e.g. past salaries or job roles) or access time away days taken and remaining balance for any period in time.

You can read more about this here.

Calendar integration

We all consult our calendar multiple times per day. Although the timeline view in Humaans provides total visibility around where people are, you don't necessarily want to go back there all the time – we understand that.

This integration (supporting Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook), helps add a feed from Humaans right to your calendar, to see at a glance who's off or working from a different location within the organisation, department, team or among your direct reports.

It's also designed with privacy in mind, so that only admins get access to full context around why people are off. And it supports international public holidays, to provide further context around why people may be not around.

Slack integration

Having Humaans integrating with Slack is by far the most popular feature request we received from companies.

With the Humaans Slack App you will receive daily updates on who's away, who's working from home and who's celebrating their birthdays or work anniversaries.

You can read more about this here.

User roles and permissions

We designed Humaans to make it work out of the box, and super simple for teams to adopt. We launched it with three user roles and different level of access to data.

We now added two more roles (with restricted data access) specifically designed for larger teams to collaborate on people operations tasks, on-boarding, and more. This also provides more flexibility over compensation, document access and data export.

We hope you can benefit from these updates, and we're keen to keep learning from you to improve our technology. No matter if you're a client, a prospect or a consultant, if you have feedback feel free to reach out by dropping us a line at or on Twitter @humaansHQ 👋

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