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New in Humaans: Time Away Improvements

New in Humaans: Time Away Improvements

Today we're introducing a whole set of improvements to Time Away. We're bringing more flexibility and empowering you to adapt Humaans to your specific needs. Over the last couple weeks, we released Custom Leave Types, Time Off Approvals, Time Away Data Export and more.

Custom Leave Types

You can now customize the types available across both Working Away and Time Off. Toggle leave types on and off for the entire company, or in specific policies used for certain regions or roles. And if the standard leave types are not enough, you can now create custom away types such as Company offsites, Voting, Protests, Birthdays or any other special days you want to allow your employees to take – while having accurate records and reports.

Available types configuration dialog that allows to toggle leave types on and off or create and edit custom leave types

Time Off Approval

We designed Humaans to make sure booking time off is easy and fully self service while making sure everyone in the business is informed about who is away at any given time.

When employees register time away, we notify managers via email, inform the rest of the company using the Calendar integration and in daily Slack updates. Approval can often be a redundant step adding work for the manager and stress for the employees. This was always why by default, registering time away in Humaans did not require approval and our customers loved it. However, that is not always the best option for every kind of business and we understand.

You can now optionally enable approvals for the time away requests. This introduces a new step into the process of booking time off where the managers get to review and approve all of the requests from their reports.

"Waiting for approval" card showing a pending Paid time off entry

Who's Away Revamp

Based on your feedback, we've revisited the Who's away view to add several improvements. We now display the Who's away calendar starting from today, so you can at a glance see what's happening over the course of the upcoming month. We're highlighting the weekends so that it's easier to visually inspect the relative time of every entry. And finally, we are now showing public holidays directly in the Who's away timeline to provide better awareness for the entire team of upcoming public holidays – especially useful for remote and distributed teams.

"Who's away" view displaying various time off entries and public holidays

236 Public Holiday Calendars

Speaking of public holidays, we have updated our public holiday calendars to expand to 236 supported countries and subregions, including the addition of a variety of Covid related public holidays. We're determined to provide the best HRIS experience for distributed teams and remote employees. Our extensive range of public holiday calendars is one of the ways we help you make employee management easier by removing all the manual work involved in creating custom regional allocations.

A list of public holiday calendars used by the company

Overlapping Time Away

A small, but very handy new feature is the ability to book overlapping Working from home and Paid time off. If you're using Working from home feature in Humaans to keep track of who's in and out of the office, especially with the countries around the world facing different lockdown stages and rules, there are times where people have to work from home from multiple weeks or months at a time. And starting today it is possible to register holidays or other time off on top of the already registered Working from home blocks without having to do any work of splitting up the entries by hand.

Overlapping "Working from home" with "Paid time off"

Time Away Entry Export

And last, but not least, we've expanded our Data export templates with Time away history. You can now export the full time away history for everyone in your company and customise the level of detail you need in just a few clicks.

Time away export template

That's it for this product update and thanks for checking in. We have some really really exciting new features and announcements in the pipeline, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter below, follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on these posts. Until then, have a great week and see you soon!

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