New in Humaans: Slack integration
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New in Humaans: Slack integration

New in Humaans: Slack integration

We envisioned Humaans as the foundation layer of your HR tech stack. This means that integrations play a key role in our product approach.

As part of our effort to help businesses better leverage their people data and work more efficiently, today we're launching our Slack integration.

Why build a Slack integration

We learned from leaders at growing startups that there are two approaches you can take when thinking about technologies to support your day to day people operations.

One option is to go for an all in one solution. This is when you select a provider offering all the capabilities you may need (today or in the future) and delivering a decent level of quality across the full suite. Imagine applicant tracking system, HRIS, performance reviews, employee engagement and more – all in one big product. This can help save time during the decision making process and make onboarding quicker. The downside however is that, if a provider is not focused on making certain aspects great, they're offering "good enough" solutions at best. This results in companies paying a premium for features they don't use and/or evaluating alternative point solutions to complement the capabilities not performing as expected.

The other option, is to individually pick the best solution for each piece of the HR puzzle. At first this may sound time consuming and less convenient, but can help your team think through the components that they really need to have in place (and that they will actually use) to solve specific problems identified, and adopt the most advanced technology to deliver on that.

Humaans is part of the second category of products. To help further generate the most value, we intend to leverage the integrations to help you connect our system with the best in class technologies you already love and benefit from. Slack is used by millions; this includes customers we have today and customers we'd love to adopt Humaans in the future.

How it works

With this first release of the Slack integration, our goal is simple: improve transparency across your organisation.

With the Humaans Slack App you will receive daily updates on who's away, who's working from home and who's celebrating their birthdays or work anniversaries.

The fun doesn't stop here, as you will also soon be able to register time off or receive other useful reminders from Humaans directly in Slack to further automate your workflow.

For more on our Slack integration, visit

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