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New in Humaans: Pento payroll integration

New in Humaans: Pento payroll integration

We're excited to expand our growing list of integrations today with the addition of our first payroll integration: Pento. This new integration makes it easy for you to manage HR and payroll, maintain a single source of truth for people data, eliminate double entries and get real-time access to employee and payroll information.

By talking to hundreds of People and Finance leaders at fast growing organisations, we observe every day the desire and need to migrate away from a legacy all-in-one type solution to manage HR and Finance processes in favour of fast, reliable, and scalable best-in-class products that connect deeply together.

Strengthening our partnership with Pento – UK category leader in payroll for the SME and mid-market – by brining to market a powerful integration, was a no brainer for us at Humaans to drive move value for the customers we both support.

Pento enables companies to run payroll efficiently and with confidence. Loved by HR and Finance teams, Pento automates calculations, compliance, and payments. With Pento's team of Payroll Specialists at hand, you can run payroll confidently in minutes - not days.

How it works

By integrating Pento and Humaans together, you will be able to:

  • Automate manual work and remove human errors such as duplicating employee data and double entries from Humaans to Pento
  • Keep payroll records accurate
  • Sync data points such as employee ID, contact details (work email, address, phone number, etc.), account number, tax code, NI Number, NI Category and more
  • Choose to not sync or send certain employee data points to Pento

Learn more about and get started with this integration here.

We hope you enjoy this integration. If you're not a Humaans customer yet, and want to try the Pento and other integrations in action, get in touch or book a demo today!

Simplify your people operations today. Book a free demo to learn how.

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