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New in Humaans: Open API

New in Humaans: Open API

We are incredibly excited to share the release of Humaans API. Starting today the Humaans API is available to all customers and can be used to programmatically access all of the data stored in Humaans, and to build custom integrations and in-house applications.

Humaans is an HRIS used by companies to store essential data about their businesses and employees. With the Humaans API it is now possible to access all the information stored in Humaans about employees, teams and departments, job roles, reporting lines, offices, time off and more and use it to build any custom integration.

Use cases

With Humaans, we're building the best foundational layer of the HR tech stack in the industry. This means helping you get the most value out of the data you store with Humaans. For example, since Humaans stores the most up to date information about your employees, it's the perfect place to source this data to power in-house applications.

Here are some example use cases for the API:

Absence calendars. Using the time off data from the API, you could extract the relevant absence calendar for your Engineering or Support teams to help schedule on call rotas and to ensure company wide visibility.

Payroll system real time data sync: You could build an integration directly into a payroll system you're using – especially beneficial if you have a distributed set up and you're working with different providers across multiple regions.

Advanced people reporting with BI tools. You could send data about employees into a Business Intelligence tool to answer sophisticated business questions. Combining data from different sources and diving deeper into people metrics, beyond what is covered by Humaans Insights.

These are just some of the examples of how Humaans API could come in handy. We know every company is different and this is exactly why we've built the API - to allow you to adapt Humaans to your own needs and deliver value where you’d most benefit. We’re excited about the use cases you will unlock and integrations you will build to accelerate your workflow.

Privacy first

Humaans API comes with a flexible set of permissions to give you control over the privacy of the data. For example, instead of providing you with a single token that has access to all of the data like we observed with most of the other HRIS providers, Humaans allows you to create access tokens with restricted access privileges based on your needs.

For example, the default public:read access scope ensures that only company wide public data is accessible. This includes information such as everyone's names, contact details, job titles, departments, teams, managers, absence and so on. This kind of access token is useful for a wide number of custom integrations that do not require access to more sensitive data such as compensation and personal documents.

You can find more information about the scopes and the usage of the API on the documentation website:

Looking forward

With the release of the Humaans API we are also welcoming new integration partners to build Humaans integrations into their products as we embark on connecting further into the existing HR tech ecosystem. If your product could make use of rich employee profiles with job roles, teams, compensation, time off absences and other company and employee information get in touch. We’d love to explore the possibilities of building integrations together.

While the API allows our customers and partners to access rich employee data, that’s just the first step in expanding the value Humaans provides to your business. We will be utilising the API in building further integrations in the coming weeks, with DocuSign and Zapier being on top of our list. This in addition to our existing Slack, Google Calendar and Culture Amp integrations.

Want us to prioritise an integration with a system you're using? Get in touch with us at

We're excited to see what you build using the Humaans API and welcome your feedback.


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