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New in Humaans: Improved Time Off Management

New in Humaans: Improved Time Off Management

We love to revisit and improve existing features in Humaans. Iterating based on customer feedback is how we make our product better over time.

With the latest batch of Time Off management improvements we have set out to improve the clarity, accuracy and efficiency of keeping track of time away.

Historical breakdowns

The historical time away records are now more easily accessible at the bottom of the Manage Time Away page. But the real kicker is that each year is now summarised into a breakdown of days taken by type.

Final balance

Doing the PTO math can get really tricky. Say you might want to know how many days will the employee have left on their final day of employment. Now, Humaans will do the math and calculate the final balance of the leaving employees – so you don't have to. After setting the employment end date you will now be able to see the summary breakdown with the final balance for the last day of employment. The final balance even includes any upcoming PTO days already booked between now and the leaving day, so you know exactly how much you'll need to add or deduct from their final pay.

Carry over

If your PTO policy allows for carry over days, we now display the days carried over from previous year in the time away timeline for the extra bit of clarity to the employees and admins alike.

Retroactive and scheduled PTO allocation changes

The Time Away timeline now displays all of the PTO policy changes ever applied to that person. This brings more visibility and clarity around when the PTO accrual started and what the allowance is for each employee. And most importantly this also allows applying new policies with any past or future date. Say if someone's contract changed from full time to part time or if someone moved to a different country, you can now apply a new policy and back date it or schedule it for future and keep all of the records and balances accurate.

Unlimited policies with accrual

Humaans has always supported PTO policies with unlimited days. But now, in addition to allowing unlimited days, we also keep track of days accrued for any legal and compliance reasons. For example, if the employee is leaving, you might be obligated to pay the unused PTO days out.

Easier onboarding of remote people

We aim to create the most efficient workflows in Humaans to help you save as much time as possible. For example, when onboarding new team members - they automatically get the PTO policy attached based on the office they are in (with an ability to easily change that afterwards if necessary). This wasn't the case for remote employees, until now. When onboarding remote employees, you can now assign a PTO policy right away.

Updating place of work

Is someone moving to a different office? Perhaps in a different country? Humaans will now remind you to review and help you update their PTO policy after place of work or contract type was changed. You can keep the PTO allocation as is, or update it and most importantly backdate (or schedule) the effective date, if necessary, to ensure accurate records and accurate PTO balances.

Email notification subject

The Time Away notification email subject lines have been improved to give you more context around whether it's time away or working away without having to click into the email.

We hope these improvements will help you be more productive and navigate the Time Off management with more confidence. If you'd like to see any other specific use cases addressed in Humaans - reach out on Twitter @HumaansHQ or drop us a note at

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