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New in Humaans: Health Section + Dietary Preferences breakdown template

New in Humaans: Health Section + Dietary Preferences breakdown template

Our mission at Humaans is to create a foundation layer for your organisation’s HR stack – a vitally useful resource for your company.

Helping accurately collect and leverage your employee data is one step towards that goal. For example, how many times have you under catered for the vegans in your team or ordered just too much food (ending up wasting some)? Having an accurate view of the employees' dietary preferences will help select the best catering option for your office meals or events. And having an up to date list of allergies can be critical for your employees' safety.

With that in mind, we're introducing a Health section in the employee profile.

To start with, the Health section consists of 2 key data points: the dietary preference, as a single choice field, to make it easy to compute a breakdown of employees by preference;

and the allergies, to allow for multiple choices including the ability to enter a custom value.

As part of this release, we've also added a new Data export template. This will enable you to get to the dietary preference and allergy data in just 2 clicks.

This way, you can share the exported data with your caterer or event organiser. What if you'd also like to know the breakdown of how many people have a specific dietary preference in a particular office? For that, we're sharing a Google Sheet template and a quick tutorial below to help you turn your Humaans data export into a clear summary in a Google Sheet. ✨

How to get a Dietary Preferences Breakdown in Google Sheets

Step 1

Export the dietary preferences and allergies data from Humaans. This conveniently gives you a list of all the people that are going to be in the office next week, together with the department and place of work for easy filtering. This data export excludes the names of the people by default for privacy reasons in case you're sharing this file directly with your caterer.

Step 2 - Make a copy of our template

Now open the following Google Sheets template we've prepared for you as a starting point

Dietary Preferences Breakdown
Import data here Dietary preference,Allergies,Department,Place of work,Paid time off,Unpaid leave,Sick leave,Parental leave,Other leave,Working from homeVegan,No allergies,Marketing,Vienna,0,0,0,0,0,0Vegan,Peanuts,Finance,Vienna,0,0,0,0,0,0Pescetarian,Gluten, Crustaceans,Design,Vienna,0,0,0,0...

and make a copy.

Step 3 - Import your data

Now that you have your own private copy of the sheet, import the data you've previously exported from Humaans:

When presented with the choice, pick Replace current sheet to update the data without losing the pivot table that has been preconfigured in this spreadsheet.

Step 4 - Adjust Settings

Finally, head to the Summary sheet and adjust any of the settings as necessary. You can filter by place of work using the dropdown. You can also exclude people that will be away for more than a certain amount of days next week.

E.g. pick "London HQ" and "3 days" to see how many people have which dietary preference in the London office, excluding anyone that is away for more than 3 days next week.

Step 5 - 🎉

And voila! You now have a neat breakdown of all the dietary preferences and allergies of your employees.

You can also share this with your caterers or event organisers. And going forward, you can repeat Step 3 to re-import and get an updated summary view regularly.

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