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New in Humaans: Data Export

New in Humaans: Data Export

Humaans is a smart employee database that businesses use to simplify their people operations. One of our goals with Humaans is to help you leverage your people data to make your business better.

Collecting employee data into a single place and letting Humaans keep everyone informed and organised is a great first step. But often you will need to access various data points about all employees at once. While spreadsheets can get messy if used as a central data store, they are an invaluable data analysis tool. This is why we've built a quick to use data exporting feature that can get your data from Humaans into a spreadsheet in as little as 2 clicks. Let's have a closer look at how we designed this feature to give you the most flexibility in the simplest way.

How does it work

If you think about all of the single employee's data – it would not fit into one spreadsheet row. That is, not only does an employee have a certain fixed set of attributes such as their name, nationality and their date of birth, they also have a history of job roles and a history of time off they took in the past as well as booked for the future. To list all these data points we'd have to put them into many spreadsheet rows. For example, put the past job roles into separate rows and put all the time off entries into separate rows as well. Yet that is not the most useful view of the data most of the time.

Instead of looking at each time off entry individually, it's more interesting to ask how many paid time off days or sick days did each employee take in a given period, or what is their current paid time off balance. In other words, it's useful to aggregate the data into summaries that can tell us more than the individual data points. This way you can answer questions such as – is every employee taking enough time off? Or for payroll purposes, you might want to know how many unpaid leave days employees took?

Similarly, with job roles, although there are times when you'd want to view the full history, most of the time when analysing the data, the most relevant job role is the current one. Or if you're looking at past data, for example, how did the company look last year, it's the latest job role that every employee was in by the end of that year.

The Data export feature we have built for Humaans takes all these considerations into account and provides you with the quickest experience possible for getting access to the right data points. The aggregations we've talked about are built right into the export feature in a way that you don't have to think about much. Select the period you're interested in, the data points you're interested in and Humaans will do the rest.

The fields that can be aggregated will be automatically aggregated for the selected period. This means you can quickly inspect how many paid time off days someone took last month or this year to date. Similarly, you can see what salaries everyone is on at the moment or what salaries they had at the end of the previous tax year.

To make things even easier, we provide a set of commonly used templates to help you extract basic employee data, payroll data and time away data in a seconds:

This is a powerful way of quickly accessing any of your employees data points stored in Humaans without having to jump through many hoops. And once you export, you can further aggregate, filter, analyse and visualise the data using your favorite spreadsheet tool.

We've mentioned earlier how sometimes it can be useful to see the full history of job roles, salary changes or individual time off entries. And thus we're planning to add this to our exporting tool in the near future. And to further help you leverage your people data, we have plans for a range of other reporting related features, so watch this space.

In summary, the new Data Export feature allows you to:

  • Quickly extract any data point about your employees
  • Rewind time to see historical data points, e.g. past salaries or job roles
  • Access payroll data to use in any payroll system
  • See time away days taken and remaining balance for any period in time

Humaans is a smart employee database created to simplify your people  operations. Collect, store and leverage your people data to make your  business better. Get started today – create an account in minutes.

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