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New in Humaans: ChartHop integration

New in Humaans: ChartHop integration

Today we'd like to share an exciting new integration with ChartHop. We have recently launched the Teamtailor integration to help you automatically import new hires from the Teamtailor ATS into Humaans. And with the new ChartHop integration you will be able to supplement Humaans capabilities with custom reporting dashboards, a visual org chart and more.

ChartHop is the world’s first organizational management platform empowering leaders and team members alike to see the past and present of their organization and design its future. This integration allows you to use ChartHop's org chart, custom reporting dashboards and people planning tools to get the most of the data stored in Humaans.

Let’s see how the ChartHop integration works

This integration will require you to set up an API access token that you'll plug into your ChartHop account. Once the initial sync is completed and verified - your data in ChartHop will always stay up to date! The employee personal and employment details, org structure, time off, custom fields and more will get synced to ChartHop on a daily basis and will empower your teams to combine the best of Humaans and ChartHop.


With ChartHop's reporting dashboards, you'll be able to supplement Humaans's Insights by building new custom reports that you can easily share for management meetings, board meetings, all hands and more.

Org chart and planning tools

Using ChartHop's org chart you will be able visualise your company structure with all of the up to date employee data from Humaans. And with the drag and drop people and financial planning tools you will be able to collaborate on alternate hiring plans, new team structures, department-specific changes and org-wide compensation plans.

Read more about all of the benefits you'll get with the ChartHop + Humaans integration:

We hope you'll benefit from this integration and if you have any further questions about Humaans or ChartHop, ping us at, we're always passionate about learning and helping with your people and process challenges.

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