Humaans – Private Beta: help us build a product you'd love!
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Humaans – Private Beta: help us build a product you'd love!

Humaans – Private Beta: help us build a product you'd love!

We’re building the people management system we wish existed.

Last week we shared some insights into our journey – building Humaans. Over the past months, we connected with businesses around the globe to learn from them.

People Ops leaders, HR professionals and founders, provided us with data to educate our thinking. We also presented our product and direction, and received fantastic feedback 🙏.

This month we're starting the on-boarding of those that signed up for the Private Beta. We now want to provide context around this phase, the benefits of being an early adopter, and our goals.

Why a Private Beta?

A Private Beta is a mechanic that enables us to on-board a selected number of teams into our product gradually. By working closely with each customer, we will build up meaningful relationships and make sure our solution aligns with their expectations and evolving needs.

This will also help us accelerate the on-boarding process, learn from their experience, and action feedback right away. We want to iterate Humaans to provide a wider audience with the best possible people management system.

Sounds interesting. What can I expect?

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the direction of the product.

Over the initial months we'll have conversations where you can tell us how the product feels and how it's being received from your team. From our end, we will share with you context around progress, feature releases and prioritisation, where we'd value your input.

Private Beta customers will also have access to preferential pricing.

Are there any requirements to join?

Nope. We’re open to onboarding anyone from small businesses with no people management system, all the way up to larger organisations ready to give Humaans a go. And if you think that a migration is daunting, no worries – we can help make the process smooth.

And what's next after the Private Beta?

Before announcing what's next, our goal is to have a product that many businesses enjoy using and many others can benefit from.

We'll keep running in Private Beta for as long as it's providing us value to make Humaans great, and open up to the public when we feel the time is right.

Right. How do I get access?

Visit to request access or email me at

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