Bringing you the learnings and the experience of those working to create the best workplaces around the globe.

At Humaans we build technology to facilitate and help improve a variety of aspects of the people operations. In order to make this possible, and build a useful product, we have regular conversations with incredible people working to change the work experience for the better – and as a result, we learn a lot.

Over the past months, these conversations enabled us to educate our thinking and approach to product strategy, as well as to absorb a wealth of knowledge to help us build a better business and culture.

These learnings were fascinating and inspired us to put together a series of interviews where we ask questions that would help any business get some perspective and learn from how other companies are overcoming similar challenges.

Our goal with People Talks is to explore how companies and professionals we respect are tackling the hard problems in building a great workplace. We will cover the full spectrum of the people operations; improving your talent acquisition strategy and overall hiring processes, the benefits of building a strong company culture, the remote business model, and more tactical aspects of managing finances and generating efficiency.

We talked to some amazing folks and I'm sure you'll be inspired by what's ahead.

Stay tuned, the first interview is dropping tomorrow!

Ps. If you would like to get involved and share your learnings, ping me on Twitter @giovanniluperti or drop me an email at

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